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About Us

VapeMeister offers handcrafted premium e-juices at our retail store.  Visit us at our retail store in Easton, PA.  You can comfortably relax and sample our naturally flavored juices which are made on site.  We carry all the top of the line vaping brands and our experienced staff will help you determine what is the best equipment for you.

VapeMeister was started by Christine after she discovered the joy of vaping versus cigarette smoking. 

Christine's Story about quitting smoking:

I used to be addicted to cigarettes. I liked smoking and found that it was a way to unwind. I had many failed attempts at quitting over 25 years. Then I found out about e-cigarettes. I decided to give it a try.

My friends had some good laughs at my expense while I made the change. I started with e-juice that had 18 mg of nicotine and slowly weaned myself down to 0 mg. I started feeling pretty good about getting off the tar and nicotine habit. On top of that, vaping helps me relax.

This is my reason to help you learn about vaping and how it can have a positive influence on you too.

Quit smoking and start vaping today! For good deals on juices stop by our Vape Lounge in Easton, PA.