Thank you VapeMeister for being here since day 1 of quitting cigarettes...2 yrs later having this awsome mutation x v4 !


Rich C.


I have almost completely stopped smoking cigarettes since starting to vape. It's great for me because it's something to do and it gives you the nicotine that you crave but doesn't smell gross like cigarettes do!

Bree W.


This place is awesome. Amazing flavors, great juice bar to sample them, great people behind the counter that know their stuff and are really good to you-- I love this place. Go here if you are in the area. I ended up hanging for an hour and a half and didn't even realize it! I will definitely be a regular.

Andy S.

I buy all of my equipment there. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. No matter what time I go to the shop, they always take time to say hello and make sure I'm comfortable.

Robin O. 

Just got back into vaping and yesterday I got another rig from here. Very helpful, great atmosphere and great people. I recommend this place to everyone and anyone who loves to vape.

Kyle T.

Great store, Great Juices, Great prices. The staff is very knowledgeable.

Paul G.

Great store!!!! Love there juice can't find anything better in the area. "Smoke free for a year".

Brian W.

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